Information about our websites

We are continually expanding our website to show more of our inventory. Still, the best way to purchase a rug is to see it in person. For those who cannot visit, we have provided high definition photos showing the front, back and close-ups of rugs particularly of some of our high end pieces.

The Dilmaghani websites are intended for initial contact.

We are a family owned and operated business. Dilmaghani Carpets has one of the largest inventories in the country, numbering in the many thousands of rugs. We continually photograph our inventory. Our focus is on large and unusual size rugs. Still, the photographs will only be a very small representation of our huge selections.

Photographs on this site are a very small percentage of available rugs. Even if you plug in sizes, you will not be able to view the vast selection in each category.

For best searches, complete the form attached to this link.

Once we have your information, we at Dilmaghani will search our inventory for you. Our inventory is warehoused in a number of locations. With a few business days’ notice, we can bring the rugs that suit your requirements to our Scarsdale showroom.

Thank you.